Do you have goals in life? Then you no doubt have heard that one of the keys to reaching your goals is thorough preparation and a definite plan of action. A divorce is no different: those who take the time to prepare and thoroughly plan for the long road ahead often know what to expect, experience fewer surprises, and come to a conclusion that meets their expectations far more often than someone who does not. How do you prepare for your divorce case? Here are four valuable tips.

Preparing For Divorce

1. Gather Your Financial Records. As many as possible. You’ll want to make sure you have plenty of ink or toner for your copy machine or a high-quality scanner and a flash drive. Make copies of all available financial records and bring them with you whenever you meet with your attorney. They will likely ask to see them regularly to get a clear picture of your financial situation, which will then help you create goals for property division, spousal support, and other financial issues, as well as the path to meeting them. It helps to do this when your spouse is away so they cannot hide or otherwise withhold potentially damaging evidence about their own financial status or their conduct during the marriage.

2. Keep a journal. While financial records are important, not every issue during a divorce is related to money. Keep a journal that records details of things like spousal conduct, your children’s thoughts, and more. These little details can wind up being crucial during your case, so you want to make sure you don’t forget them.

3. Review your divorce options. Do you think you and your spouse can genuinely work together to come to a fair and reasonable divorce agreement outside of the courtroom? Then perhaps an uncontested divorce is right for you. If you and your spouse are not likely to get along, do you know if you will be able to handle mediation? When speaking with an attorney, likely during your initial consultation, it’s important to discuss these options with them and determine the best course of action for your exact situation. No two divorce cases are alike, so you’ll want to make sure your solution is tailored to you and your family’s needs.

4. Find a GREAT attorney. Attempting to dissolve a marriage without the assistance of an attorney rarely ends well for those who try. Those without experience in filing the various documents, arguing cases before a judge, and the seemingly infinite number of other facets regarding a divorce usually make a number of mistakes that can be costly to your case. A knowledgeable and proven divorce attorney can guide you through this complex process and ensure that you give yourself the best possible chance at obtaining the outcome you prepared so diligently for.

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