The Edmunds Law Firm is a national leader in Merit System Protection Board cases. We have helped people for over 35 years from coast to coast in their MSPB matters.

The Edmunds Law Firm, along with their MSPB expert, attorney Ryan C. Nerney, have assisted numerous individuals with all different types of MSPB appeals including, adverse actions, performance based actions, suitability actions, and agency actions based on prohibited personnel practices. We have the knowledge, capability, and expertise in all aspects of MSPB cases to assist individuals with their MSPB matters.

Our victories not only include monetary damages and attorneys fees, but we have been successful in securing reinstatement of employment positions as well. Another remedy we have been able to achieve is the changing of an employee’s SF-50 to reflect more favorable removal information.

Attorney Ryan C. Nerney, for the Firm, has handled all types of cases in various different states to include California, Washington D.C., New Mexico, Colorado, and Pennsylvania.

MSPB cases can be very complex and include different types of law, regulations, and discovery which can be challenging to individuals who are not represented by an experienced MSPB attorney.

Many people believe that The Edmunds Law Firm is the premier MSPB firm in the country based upon our experience and reputation.

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