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    The Edmunds Law Firm, one of San Diego County’s foremost family law firms, has been helping San Diegans for 40 years. Our senior partner, Alan Edmunds, has litigated some of San Diego’s most complex family law matters. Mr. Edmunds and our staff of attorneys have frequently handled matters of child custody, move-away cases, property division, litigation, and mediation. We can litigate anything from the most straightforward divorce to the most complex divorce case, one involving issues such as child abuse, spousal abuse, division of sophisticated community assets, and issues of fraud.

    While the reputation of The Edmunds Law Firm in San Diego is rooted in our litigation skills, our attorneys are also proficient at mediation and settlement negotiations. Our attorneys approach cases first from the perspective of exploring a settlement or informal mediation. If it is clear that those options are not available, only then will our law firm prepare for litigation. Many people hire family attorneys who have experience settling a case out of court, but who are totally uncomfortable in the formal court room environment. This will never be a problem here, as Mr. Edmunds handpicks the attorneys at The Edmunds Law Firm for their litigation skills.

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    The Edmunds Law Firm is privileged to represent not only San Diegans but also individuals from across the United States who have family law issues involving San Diego, as well as military personnel around the globe who are involved in family law litigation in San Diego.

    It is not required to hire a San Diego family lawyer, and some people choose to represent themselves. But when property and children are involved, this can be risky. If the spouse has an attorney, it can be especially difficult to represent yourself adequately. The smallest mistake can end up being extremely costly. If you seek the expert legal advice of a San Diego family lawyer, this will ensure that any and all questions are answered and that you are aware of your rights.

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