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Representing Unmarried & Same-Sex Couples in California

Just like marriage, domestic partnerships offer individuals the opportunity to protect themselves and their legal rights when they are unmarried but in a commitment relationship. Prior to same-sex marriage being legalized in California, many couples opted to obtain a domestic partnership in lieu of marriage. Even still, some couples throughout the state still prefer to remain unmarried and obtain a domestic partnership instead—both homosexual and heterosexual alike.

Domestic Partnerships are recognized in California under Family Code Section 297. There are specific provisions under this code concerning the establishment of same-sex partnership relations as well as the termination of domestic partnerships found in California Family Code Section 299.

The Edmunds Law Firm is pleased to offer legal services from our experienced staff and professionals in the area of domestic partnerships. Alan Edmunds is a nationally recognized family law attorney and has been honored by the San Diego Superior Courts by being selected as a Judge Pro Tem in the Family Courts. The Edmunds Law Firm can assist same-sex partners in protecting their legal rights and other couples who wish to pursue this form of legal agreement.

  • The Edmunds Law Firm is pleased to offer services involving:
  • Registering a Domestic Partnership
  • Dissolving a Domestic Partnership
  • Terminating a Domestic Partnership
  • Child Custody and Visitation Issues
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Same Sex Domestic Violence Restraining Orders

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