According to recent articles, over-communications between spouses could actually lead to divorce. While many know that money problems are a leading cause for divorce, it’s now being suggested that couples who over-communicate can actually harm their marriage. Attorney Alan Edmunds, a San Diego divorce lawyer with over 40 years of experience, was asked to comment recently at a meeting. He responded that indeed recent studies cite social media and texting between spouses as behaviors that can create boredom between spouses.

The Edmunds Law Firm is a litigation divorce Firm in San Diego but Attorney Alan Edmunds states they first try and save marriages by suggesting counseling. He admits that most of the time clients who appear in his office are ready to end the marriage.

The next option according to Alan Edmunds is to consider divorce mediation, which the Firm encourages as a means to save time, money and emotions. Mr. Edmunds was a former Judge Pro Tem in the San Diego Family Courts and says divorce mediation is the trend.

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