Divorce Mediation in San Diego

What Is Mediation?

Mediation in simple terms is the future of dispute resolution. Today more and more couples are turning to mediation as the alternative to court litigation for dispute resolution. Mediation is a process that avoids many of the negative elements of litigation such as high cost, acrimony, emotional turmoil, and protracted litigation.

Mediation can be conducted at The Edmunds Law firm in as few as three sessions. The mediation environment is one that is controlled, calm, and professional. Alan Edmunds is a San Diego divorce mediator. He has been mediating cases for over 30 years and has trained his staff to mediate divorce and custody cases in a professional manner.

The goal in mediation is to reach a complete resolution that is mutually agreeable to all parties. That doesn’t mean one party leaves the mediation as the “winner” and the other party is disadvantaged. Mediation requires flexibility, maturity and sound reasoning from both parties. An effective mediator, such as Alan Edmunds, can make the situation a “win-win” for all parties.

An Overview of the Process:

The mediation process is very simple and effective in its structure. The parties meet together with a mediator and accomplish certain goals at each meeting. At the initial meeting there is an introduction, where the mediator introduces the concept and the process that the parties are going to be experiencing. There is also a fact finding element where the mediator will gather information that is necessary for the pleadings to be properly filed and for the mediation to be conducted. This may include a history of the marriage, an overview of the assets that the parties have accumulated during marriage and any issues involving child custody and visitation.

The next stage is then to identify the specific issues in controversy in a particular divorce situation. Some couples have come to mediation and have an agreement on some issues and a disagreement on others. This is very typical. Attorney Edmunds and his staff of professional mediators will identify the contested issues. Included in the options for resolution for resolution of custody and visitation issues is an opportunity to visit a mediator in the private comfort of a private office. At all times the mediation process is conducted away from the court house. The mediation is dignified and confidential. This often results in a better experience for the parties and lends itself to a quicker resolution. Once the issues have been identified then the mediator sets out an agenda for each mediation session. Most mediation’s can be completely handled with three visits.

As referenced above if the mediation reaches an issue that cannot be resolved, the mediator skillfully moves ahead with the issues that are agreed upon or can be resolved with the assistance of the mediator. Attorney Edmunds has been a San Diego family law attorney for over 35 years and has also been a judge pro term in the San Diego Family Courts. He has prior Family Court Services mediators on his staff as well as Child Protection Services Certified investigators. The Edmunds Law Firm presents unique opportunities to couples that wish to mediate because of the vast experience of his staff. Virtually the results that could be obtained in court can be obtained in the peaceful and dignified setting of the offices at The Edmunds Law Firm.

If the parties need to see an outside evaluator for custody and visitation issues those resources are available. If the couple needs to see a certified public account that is neutral and will place a value on certain assets or receive appraisals, those resources are also available through The Edmunds Law Firm. There is absolutely no issue that cannot be resolved in mediation at The Edmunds Law Firm.

The last aspect of mediation is to reach an agreement and have that agreement drafted and signed by both parties.

Types of Mediation:

The Edmunds Law Firm has mediated virtually every type and issue of mediation facing couples going through a divorce. It may be the resolution of property issues, retirement issues, custody and visitation issues, or child and spousal support issues. When parties submit to the Edmunds mediation process they are engaging a mediator that has vast experience, training and education. The net result is a huge advantage to the parties. They have saved virtually thousands of dollars in legal costs and avoided 1-2 years of protracted litigation. As many people are aware the courts are facing huge budget problems. Cases are taking 2-3 times longer to be heard in the court system. Call The Edmunds Law Firm if you would like to resolve issues in a peaceful and dignified manner and save emotions and legal fees in the process.

The Edmunds Law Firm Mediation in a Nutshell:

  • Our mediators are unbiased and provide fair and neutral assistance as opposed to the court system, combing finely through cases as opposed to the traditional court route where the decisions do not take in many of the factors and desires of the individuals
  • Our mediators are knowledgeable and experienced in the decisions that the judges have and would make and can anticipate the outcome if the case were to be handled in a traditional court setting, thus providing the utmost of informative assistance
  • Our mediation helps families dividing start out on the right foot, amicably and this option has proven that families have less future issues going forward
  • Our mediation saves families hundreds of thousands of dollars, months and even years of stressful and eventful litigation which can add to emotional and financial distress