Filing for an Emergency Court Order!

Navigating the holidays can be a difficult matter for divorced parents. If your Christmas and holiday visitation has been blocked by the custodial parent, then you need to contact a San Diego family law attorney immediately. At The Edmunds Law Firm, our head attorney, Alan Edmunds, was a Former Judge Pro Term for the San Diego Superior Family Law Courts. We have the knowledge, experience, and determination to provide you with whatever advocacy your case may require. We understand the nature of visitations (especially during the holiday seasons) and are available to assist you with any last minute emergency Orders for Visitations. Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Obviously, the more time and notice you can give our attorneys to prepare for you specific case, the better our perpetration can be. Don’t hold out, hoping you ex will do the “right thing”. If you believe there will be an issues over the holidays, contact our firm. The Edmunds Law Firm has been helping families with custody and visitation issues for over 40 years, and makes it a point to serve active duty military personnel who are deployed around the world, as well as, Federal contract employees deployed in the Middle East. If you are facing a divorce or custody case and are also on active duty, our firm offers special fees and accommodations. Call today to learn more!

In order for our San Diego family lawyer to move for Christmas and holiday visitation, we will need a current copy of the last court Order. Often referred to as one of “San Diego’s Best Divorce Lawyers”, Alan Edmund is an experienced litigating attorney who is well-equipped to address any of your legal family matters. Call us at 800.481.2526 and security your visitation rights today!