On March 6,2015 The Edmunds Law Firm received notice of another favorable Hearing decision in a very interesting case involving a client who had psychological problems and personal conduct issues. The case was presented to the court by Attorney Alan Edmunds. Attorney Edmunds is this country’s leading trial lawyer in national security clearance matters and represents clients around the world. His case victories are featured on gov’t websites as well as the firm websites. Mr. Alan Edmunds is considered the best security clearance attorney by many clients.

This case was interesting because the evidence Attorney Edmunds admitted into evidence included a new psychological examination that rebutted the gov’t allegations. Testimony was also provided by the applicant to explain her conduct which clearly rebutted the evidence of the gov’t. Attorney Edmunds prepared all of the defense witnesses for their appearance in court. The client had been told by other attorneys that her case was impossible but this was clearly not the case when Mr. Edmunds acted her as a client.

Another career saved and a client who can continue her job and providing for her family. Alan Edmunds is available to civilian and military security clearance clients who seek guidance. WE enjoy taking the “tough” cases and defending our clients aggressively in the courtroom. Call 800.481.2526 or visit our law firm at nationalsecurityclearances.com – your future is important – don’t take chances – our experience makes the difference.

On January 27 2015 the Edmunds Law Firm, a global leader in national security clearance application law, has received another favorable decision in a case involving financial consideration – under Guideline F of the DoD Directive.

The case was heard before the CIA and presented by attorney Alan Edmunds – this country’s leading security clearance lawyer. Attorney Edmunds presented both live testimony and written evidence to mitigate the government concerns. At issue was the fact that the applicant owed $53 K in past due debt. The case revolved around extenuating circumstances that the applicant experienced and the efforts he put forth to resolve the indebtedness. Attorney Edmunds was successful in showing that the situation that gave rise to the problem was unlikely to reoccur and that the applicant was responsible and trustworthy. The Agency agreed!

Our client returns to work and his career continues. The Edmunds Law Firm is a national legal service provider. Call 800.481.2526 or visit nationalsecurityclearances.com